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Friday, February 6, 2009

A spoonful of sugar makes the.....

Cereal go down. Ok, I need to get out more with that header. On that note, we have introduced the spoon to our boy and we are seeing the change from bottle in our arms to high chair of independence. According to the pundits we should be introducing more solid foods to him around the 5 to 6 month age in which, I think, we are on target. It usually takes time for kids to accept the spoon, but this kid has a knack for eating (I think he gets that from his daddy and if you ever met me you'd understand). We put some carrots food (organic of course or else his mom would die!!) with organic (again, mom would die if otherwise) rice cereal . I was even brave enough to try my mom's old peruvian suggestion of boiling yams and including it in his meal. It worked and there weren't any poopy repercussions in his diaper. I would test it out before giving this a try with your son or daughter. It could get messy as every child responds differently. It been about 3 weeks since I started writing this blog and MAN! has a lot changed. He's on to 2 cereal feedings a day, but I believe 3 feedings of cereal a day is recommended, but our son hasn't been asking for more, so I don't want to overfeed. I'm sure if gave more he wouldn't mind taking it. The more cereal the more poopy diapers...

Diapers, who needs a stinkin' diaper!
Speaking of diapers, changing one has become a sinch and some tips that would be valuable for me to share is putting a new diaper underneath the one your changing your baby, have an extra onsie in case he/she has soaked through the one he/she has on, take the socks off (this is an extra step, but the legs usually go everywhere and stain them), use the old diaper to wipe off excess poop (important because it saves you wipes and money). These are a few tips I can think of for now, but they have make changing a diaper really fast, safe and easy! In relation to diapers, make sure you have extra bags in your diaper pale so that it makes it convenient to change when it gets full. If you want to minimize the stink in your diaper pale you should keep plastic grocery bags near the diapers so that you can throw the poopy diapers away separate. This really helps the nostrils and makes your babies environment better for her/him to live in.

Like a 401/k and cingular wireless plan minutes
He can rollover. I've had those rollover jokes stored for a couple of weeks and I had to let them out (I apologize if you don't appreciate corny jokes). It was just a moment ago that he was developing to arms to hold himself up on his belly. Now! I go into his room after a nap and there he is on his back with a big'ol smile on his face. Its exciting and scary. I can't take my eyes off this guy without worrying what he might do next. I suggest getting into the habit of being careful. It is easy to confide in your ability of taking care and end up being careless.

Peace out!
It has been a great 3 weeks since I started writing this post and as you can see things are a changin'. I keep hammering this home, but it is a priveleage to be my son's dad and take care of his well being. I don't ever want to forget that.

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