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Monday, January 19, 2009

Not my first day on the job

It's been three months since I was put on forced leave from my job, which lead to the eventual decision to lay me off recently, and I honestly can say that I don't miss it. I don't mention that as a negative reflection on my company or the job itself; its just that being with my son is infinitely better and more rewarding than being a technical recruiter. Besides, being a technical recruiter for the past seven years has not really worked out all that great (This is my second time being laid off in this industry). There is comfort in knowing that my son can't put me on forced leave or lay me off due to cutbacks. Fortunately for me or, perhaps, unfortunately for my son he is stuck with me. Plus, I'm his boss so I can lay him off (or out, when the time comes). Its weird to have been home for this long and see the changes in my son right before my very eyes, but at the same time they have passed me by. What I mean is that I notice him growing and maturing, but I don't notice how fast. I guess my memory fails me as I remember him not being able to smile or laugh or drown in his pj's because he was so small (now its a struggle to find something that fits him) Its an odd occurrence that I notice but not notice at the same time, if that makes any sense. Maybe its because I am a first time dad and every little thing he learns or does is amazing. They create new memories that take place of the old ones. I really would like to keep the old ones, but I can't, seriously.

As a first timer and stay at home pops I look back at this time and found it wasn't too hard to adjust to being at home all the time. Telecommuting for my company helped as I got use to being confined to my house 24/7. It's much easier to sitting at a desk sending emails and answering phone calls than holding a baby with the bottle in one hand and the remote in the other queuing up NFL Network Gameday highlights on the DVR. The perspective of being a father as a privilege really made things easier for me. My wife and I had waited, not by our choice, so long to be blessed with our little dude that him crying was better than not having him at all. I would suggest laying basketball or any other physical activity as helpful. It released weeks of stored up energy. I may have freaked out my buddies from time to time cause I was so hyped, but it was because I was a prisoner of my home teaching and attending to my son. I don't want to give the wrong impression that it was all smooth sailing. There were times when I would melt down because I had absolutely no clue why the little guy was crying, but for the most part it was easier because of these things I mentioned.

Well to end my first blog ever I have to say that being a stay at home dad has been more than I bargined for, but worth the price. There is so much more I want to express, but its getting late and I plan on continuing to blog about stay at home Pop's adventure. So, until next time PPEAACCEE!!!



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